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Halton Food Harvest

Grow and Donate

Everything we grow in our gardens throughout Halton Region is shared with the community in different ways. Much of it is harvested directly by community members who are looking to add some fresh, locally and sustainably grown produce to their own meals. We also donate additional produce from the community gardens to local food security organisations, and encourage home gardeners to do the same! In addition to harvesting from the community gardens we support, we are also thankful that the Oakville Museum has asked us to harvest from their garden to donate to local community agencies. 


Where do we currently donate our produce?

  • Town of Halton Hills: Food for Life fridge in the Acton Public Library, as well as other Food for Life programs

  • Oakville: Sowing Hope at Kerr Street Mission

  • We are looking to expand this list - please contact us with any suggestions or partnership opportunities.

Some guidelines for donating your home-grown produce:


We encourage you to grow your produce free from chemical fertilisers or pesticides. We support and promote urban agriculture that uses sustainable and organic practices.


The morning of your harvest, be sure to wash your produce thoroughly: remove all dirt, debris, bruised or damaged bits and any stray bugs you find. Ensure your produce is dry (especially lettuce and other leafy greens) before bagging it. Salad spinners are wonderful things. Bundle produce such as root veggies and herbs using twine or elastics and place all your produce in clean labelled bags with the name of the crop and the date it was harvested.


Bring your harvest to a food bank or community food organisation near you. 

Here are some suggestions. (We are working on expanding this list! Please reach out with suggestions!)

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